Wooden roof trusses – modern roofing technology
We collaborate with construction companies and private individuals who are engaged in house construction, offering high-quality wooden roof structures. Under long-term contracts, we apply a flexible pricing and discount system.


Wooden roof trusses are structures produced in a manufacturing plant. They are connected with each other with special toothed punch steel plates. This makes the roof structure firm, economises materials and fully uses the bearing capacity of the materials used.




Before manufacturing wooden roof trusses, we design them applying special computer software “RoofCon”. After that, we assemble the elements in the manufacturing plant and transport them to the construction site. There we finish by attaching the roof to the building. Such roofing technology is superior in quality and economy to usual roof rafters.


You will be satisfied with the choice of wooden roof trusses, because your roof will be:

  • Of high-quality. We design roof trusses with computer software; we cut the elements of the structure using modern manufacturing technology and the equipment CNC machine Hundegger Speed Cut3. It allows us to cut wood with millimetre accuracy. The structures are assembled by qualified workers; therefore all the parts are connected precisely and qualitatively. Trusses are made of dry, calibrated timber, so they don’t get deformed over time.
  • Firm. We connect wooden roof structures with special toothed punch steel plates. We use the high force press to connect the structures. It connects truss elements evenly on both sides. The roof bearing capacity of this structure is quite high: the roof trusses are capable of withstanding high loads of snow and wind.
  • Durable. We impregnate all structures with antiseptics and flame retardants, so they are durable, fireproof and protected from a harmful environmental impact.
  • Fast covering. Modern manufacturing technologies allow us to produce wooden roof structures extremely fast. We produce structures in the manufacturing plant and assemble them on the construction site. Therefore, the roof installation period is shortened from one week to a couple of days.
  • Cheap. Although at the first site it may seem that the installation of roof trusses is more expensive than rafters, it’s just a false impression. The manufacturing of trusses can use up to three times less wood. Therefore, the installation of a firmer roof requires less material. The already installed truss structure roof costs 20-40% less than a traditional roof, because it saves materials and time.
  • Warm. Heat insulated roof trusses feature better thermal insulation properties than metal roofs. New and properly installed roof of wooden structures positively affects the microclimate of the building and saves energy.
  • Natural and eco-friendly. We produce structures from natural materials. Moreover, we use less wood during the manufacturing process.
  • Clean environment. We manufacture structures in our plant and only install them on the construction site. For this reason we leave the building area clean – you won’t need to worry about the cleaning or waste transportation.







Choose wooden roof structures if you need a roof for:
  • Residential house. Wooden roof structures are ideal for residential houses, garages, storehouses and other household buildings. Taking into consideration the peculiarities of the building, we will offer several roof structure options and you will only have to choose the most suitable one.
  • Industrial, commercial or farm buildings. Wooden roof structures perfectly fit not only small, but also extremely large buildings.
  • Renovated house. When renovating buildings, you want to replace the roof as soon as possible to protect the inside of the building from rain, sun, wind and other environmental impacts. We install wooden roof structures in just a few days, so this technology is very suitable for renovated buildings.





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We can manufacture the following types of trusses:




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